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The Waves Beneath Us

Rafting in Penang


The first hurdle ...choosing the groups. I waited in great anticipation that I would not be selected into the girly groups. That was okay for me because I enjoyed the challenge of being with other kids on the block .

Once I was placed in a group with some interesting members , I could settle my strategy for the big event of rafting .Judging by the kinds of people in my group, I thought that we would have a fair chance to win it. We split into two groups within our group, Raft 1 & Raft 2, I was in the second raft, the better raft, when the race started raft 1 of every group went while raft 2 of each group ate fish nuggets shaped like hearts, my groups raft was doing adequately well, they got to the shore on time and picked up the first rock needed to win, the way back though, was a different story, they slowed down, majorly, only to pick up the pace when Mr.gunputh *cough cough* unfortunately fell off the raft.

When they got back raft 2 -me- got on the raft, we killed it, we rafted with all our hearts, we even shouted “left, right, left, right” until the wind… the wind set us off track, slowly turning our raft, we tried our hardest, but we couldn’t get our raft back on track, we ended up waiting for the wind to turn us all the way around, then just turn our bodies around on the raft, paddle moving in sync and swiftly through the grey water, as we began nearing the shore of the island we saw many trunks of dead trees jutting out of the water, we needed to have amazing turning skills, which unfortunately we didn’t have. As we traversed the trees we quickly found out that to turn effectively we all had to paddling in the same direction except one of us who would paddle the other way, using our newfound knowledge we easily navigated through the sticks and trees, I, wearing water shoes, got off the raft to retrieve a stone from the shore, everyone turned around in their seats and we were off, swiftly paddling through the warm water back to the boat, our hearts swelled as we saw that because off the wind -and our awesomeness- the other groupe weren’t even halfway to the island!

A lot of strokes and a few poses for the camera drone above us and we were back at the house boats, getting high-fives for winning, watching the other groups compete and eating heart shaped fish nuggets.

Photo Taken by Warren Wee

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Shining Lake, Shining Smiles


Who would have thought that a daily dip In a lake would refresh the soul.
In Singapore, I hardly ever go out for a swim because of the heat and my busy schedule .
Therefore having the chance to swim in an open lake after all our heavy activities, it just felt like a transformation from feeling exhausted!
We played on bamboo rafts around the lake , jumped off the sides of boats and plunged into the murky waters of the warm lake.
This was a new experience to me and I almost felt a sense of freedom and independence!
Having a lake in your backyard is simply incredible ! It just puts us closer in touch with nature and gives us a sense of belonging and revival.
The scenic view was something out of this world. The light reflecting on the lake made it look simply picturesque. The lake, It was almost like a playground where people chatted, swam, played games , floated and did what they wanted, of course that was until the instructors JC or Ziggy came by, getting pushed in by one of them was not fun (it secretly was), but pushing them in as revenge really gave you that rush of excitement, assuming you didn’t end up in the water yourself.
Looking back on this experience, it was by far the most memorable for me. I feel that the lake played an integral part of my trip, I looked to it as though it was my peaceful sanctuary where I could lose myself in fun and less thinking. I kind of miss that feeling and the fresh perspective it gave me! It reminded me that there is so much more to adventure in life.

Photo taken by Warren Wee

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Below the Waterfall


It was the perfect afternoon for a walk or should I say trek up to the waterfall.
Honestly, I am not a outdoor person so I felt somewhat lethargic and unmotivated to get up

Once I was dressed, I felt more enthusiastic about finding a waterfall because we are really lacking nature in Singapore! the luxury of seeing such amazing waterfalls, caves and mountains , this was a real treat!

When we started our trek, it was notable to hear the birds, insects and water gushing from afar . To hear the moans of fellow classmates who simply whined to walk just that little more. We could almost be branded as city kids as sweat trickled down our faces, shoelaces became untied , blisters on the back of our heels, and wet tshirts from carrying a backpack.

Was it worth it ? Yes, a billion times yes! I marveled in silence at the beauty of the waterfall and almost felt hypnotized by the gorgeous patterns as it fell. It was a moment of quietness that kind of left us spellbound by the captivating beauty.
The biggest regret is that we couldn't actually swim In it because we trekked so far, so how could we possibly not have the chance to touch it or at least take a dip In it.
The insects whizzing around us, the waterfall spraying us as we walked by. The air fresh yet the waterfall untouchable.

Photo taken by Warren Wee

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Calm Tides

in Penang



The sun rising, the wind blowing. my gaze falls onto the mountains in the distance, I feel the wind caress my face. I heard the soft breaths of the two sleeping teachers. I know it's time to go as I don't wish to wake them. I quietly pad down the creaky stairs and look out, it was breathtaking, the sun, coming up over the mountain, silhouetting the mountains, the light reflecting off the rippling water. It was calm and peaceful, me sitting there, just staring, time seemed to slow down, seconds felt like minutes, yet time passed so quickly, why was this? time flashed before my eyes, yet it went slowly? one could contemplate this all day, but I could not do that, as I only had the time I which while watching the sun rise, when crisp morning air blew on my face, while surveying the dark mountains.

This is morning. This is Me.

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